Thursday, September 17, 2009

This weekend brings a new window

As much as we love our new house, there are certain things about it that we can't help but look at and go "really?"
Like our kitchen window. It makes NO sense. None at all.
You're standing in front of the sink doing dishes, kids are in the backyard (the kitchen window points to the backyard) and you look at the window, watching the play. That's the goal, right?
Well, apparently our builder missed the memo, b/c our window starts like 2 feet above our sink. Why there is even a window there if you can't look out it, i'll never know.
So we're going to take out the window, cut the hole down longer and put in a new window so that we are able to watch the kids play from the kitchen (and get more natural light in).
Here is the before

And here is where we cut a line down to be sure there were no wires or anything that made the builder HAVE to put in a tiny window (no, there weren't... they did it for no logical reason. LOL) then taped over it until the window gets here.

The window is being placed on saturday, So i'm sure I'll have more pics for you then, and a total cost of project :)

Oh, and btw, I added a pic of Mia to the previous post, so check it out. There was supposed to be one, so i have no idea what happened to it. LOL

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Brittany said...

Hey, I linked you in one of my posts. Check out my bow holder! Definately not as nice looking as yours, but still helped me organize all those bows!