Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is it...

It got the best of me. I've had a few people check out the Beta Version of the new TFF site, and it looks like it's raring to go. So since patience is not something I'm particularly experienced with, I'm moving the site today :)
If you come here looking for posts, be sure to head over to and remember to update your bookmarks!
Adios and see you on the flip side!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

BIG changes coming... plus a giveaway!

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous and that you are well on your way towards Christmas Cheer ;)
I have some very exciting news. On December 1st, there will be a re-launch of TFF! That's right, a whole new site :)
You don't want to miss it, SO BE SURE that you update your bookmarks to and check is out on Dec 1!
Also, I'll be hosting a giveaway that day, so be sure to check in and enter to win :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hats for bebes

Today I found out about an organization that accepts donations of hats, booties, blankets, etc, which they give to newborns and babies in hospitals whom are ill or requiring an extra stay in the NICU before returning home.
I had a huge box of yarns left that I have no use for, so I figured even if I could just work a little each day, I could maybe do 1-2 hats per week before the holidays.
I've finished one after about an hour working on it (it's newborn sized)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getcha some

Just found this 40% off any one regular priced item coupon for MICHAELS online today. It's good through November 30. Enjoy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

well, then...

I've been a busy bee with my day job of photography... editing christmas photos and getting them to clients in time for holiday card printing.
But now I've got a little more free time to get back to my projects.
Right now, I'm focusing on building the dollhouse I bought for Lily.
I've painted the 3 main walls light pink, and tonight I was dying the shingles.
If you're considering building a dollhouse, it's been surprisingly easy thus far.
The dollhouse I purchased is this one but I plan on painting it pink with a grey roof and white trim.

Here are the shingles before they were dyed

While being dyed

And now they are drying

I'll be posting more photos throughout the week with additional progress.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A tropical Island

Okay, tropical might be a stretch... But blissful? Peaceful? Those fit!
My island is COMPLETE. I know, go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief. You're sick of hearing about it, and frankly I'm sick of typing about it. So after this post, *zip*... no more talk about my stupid (yet beautiful!) island!

For those of you who haven't followed, a few months ago I picked up this little beaut on the side of the road. Yes, that's right. Pricetag: FREE

I had a wild hair to transform this into a kitchen island, which my kitchen desperately needed.

This was our kitchen before:

And this was a quickly simulated idea of what it should look like after *everything* is done

Obviously we aren't that far along yet (flooring is in the very distant future, and the bottom cabinets are only primed right now, not painted) but it gives you an idea of the goal.

Well, now atleast one piece of that goal is completed.

As you can see, we went with a butcher block countertop. While our price quotes varied wildly (Home Depot wanted a minimum of $2,500.00 for any wood counter top, no matter the size), we finally settled on a wooden Table Top (yes, you read that right) from Ikea for a rockin' good deal at only $79.00 + tax.

You'll notice the curtain I added. There was no door or drawers in that area previously, so I needed something to make it look finished. I installed a dowel to serve as a curtain rod and made a button-closure curtain to hang there, similar to the under-sick cabinet covers from old country kitchens.

The curtain can be easily slid from one side to the other to allow access to whatever I decide to store behind it, and can be unbuttoned to throw in the wash

When you factor in beadboard, hardware, the counter top, and the curtain, this island cost me $150.00 from start to finish to create... and the pride of knowing I did it myself is always a perk as well :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All sorts of goodies

The other day I posted a link to my Advent Calendar pattern on Etsy. That same day, I hit up Hobby Lobby to purchase all the goodies I need for making Miss Lily's calendar. Brendan's was made 2ish years ago, and this will be Lily's first year having one.
Check it out!

I'll be posting progress photos this week as I start working on it :)

If you haven't yet, check out the most recent pattern available Via TFF@Etsy

Shhhh, it's a secret

Today I hit up Hobby Lobby for supplies for a Christmas gift. IF you can figure out what this is, don't say it in the comments because this is going to a readers house for Christmas and I want it to be a surprise ;)
But I went and got a bunch of these little wooden circles, as well as some fabric for the rest of the project. Check back in a week or so to see how this project has come along :)

If you haven't yet, check out the most recent pattern available Via TFF@Etsy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New boots from an old sweater

Last week my parents thought they were moving back to Florida, then things changed and now they are staying here. But when they were still under the impression that they were leaving, they packed up many boxes, sold and donated items they didn't need, and gave us many things they knew we would enjoy. Including a box of many old VHS Disney movies that are currently "in the vault" and unavailable on DVD. When I opened the box, I was, first, VERY excited to see my old book about the Icelandic Yulemen/Trolls.

You see, I spent 4 years of my childhood in Keflavik, Iceland on the Navy Base that used to be there (it was closed only a few short years ago, now). An Icelandic tradition, in the same vein as Santa for Americans, is to celebrate the Icelandic Yulemen. They are trolls that come to your home each night prior to Christmas, one by one, leaving gifts in your shoe if you place it in your windowsill at night. I'll post more on this later as we do this every year and it will be Lily's first year to participate....
But as I dug further down in the box, I found many items of clothing that my mom no longer had a need for, and wanted to give me "first dibs" on before she donated them.
Many were suits and other items that I'm still pondering a use for.... but two stuck out to me immediately...

The blue one immediately called my name, and I could tell it was just begging to be made into tiny ugg style boots for Miss Lily.

I quickly went about using one of her existing shoes to make a sole pattern, and decided to wing it on the upper pattern. I knew it needed a button, so i snagged a few off another article of clothing in the box, and I knew it needed yarn on it somewhere, so I grabbed an old skein of grey yarn I had in my closet, and off to work I went

When I was done, Lily had a tiny pair of ski-lodge worthy fuzzy boots to wear around the house. I used old denim for the soles to keep them soft but durable, and I used the grey yarn to "lace up" the sides with a "for looks only" criss-cross pattern below the button (it's hard to see in the photos). The button is functional and is held by a crocheted button hole made of the same grey yarn from above, and the ankles can be flipped down to look more like furry moccasins.

Hope you enjoyed this recon. Take a moment to post a comment and tell me about your latest experience re-purposing something. Share a link if you'd like :)

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Loving This DIY Cake Stand

Check out this recent post from Shanty2Chic! It's amazing. I can't wait to try this!
A DIY Cake Stand using all items from Hobby Lobby!

Click here to view the post

If you haven't yet, check out the most recent pattern available Via TFF@Etsy

Pattern Available On Etsy!

This is one of my favorite patterns and I'm about to start working on one for Lily this week.
It's a LARGE Advent Calendar Pattern. Great for putting small toys (think mini playdoughs, stensils, stickers, hot wheels, etc) into during the 25 days before Christmas.
The pattern is now available for Download on Etsy!
Purchase your pattern here!
Here is a digital example of the calendar:

And here is the one we made 2 years ago for Brendan:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thank you, Bianca!

Thank you to reader Bianca for telling me about
I was able to buy lily her Tinkerbell Wings for under $2, and I even got a big green flower for her costume too (Which I'd been looking EVERYWHERE for, with no success).
Total, including shipping, $10. Score!

Magnets for your Munchkins

I have a 4.5 year old son, so we are CONSTANTLY reviewing colors, shapes, sizes, letters and numbers. I had priced out the sets of magnets for my kids to use on the fridge while learning all of these subjects, but wowwee, they were pricey! So, as I always do, I thought "I bet I could make that for way cheaper. And off to Photoshop I went. I created 8 shapes that my son would learn during his first step of shape-learning (circle, square, triangle, etc). I labeled them so that he could connect the spelling of each of those shapes with the shape itself. Then I made them bright colors so we could also work on our basic color learning.
I then printed them out on my computer and used some sticky-back magnets I had on hand to adhere them to a magnetic surface. Using sharp scissors, I cut around the edges and voila! I had some shaped magnets for the kids! I've also done this with numbers and letters, though those take way longer.

So today I wanted to share my Shapes
These are made large (they will print 1 set per page), but you can easily size them down prior to printing if you want to use them on a business card magnet.
If you want them bigger, like I did, visit Magnet Valley's Adhesive Magnet Sheet selection page to purchase.

Here is set one
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Click here to download Set 1

Here is set 2
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
Click here to download Set 2

Enjoy! And be sure to comment on this post if you blog about your experiences with this project! I love to see when other people try what I share :)


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