Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh nooooo, this is bad. Very very bad.

While blog surfing today, I can across a link to this site and I think I may very well be in a heap of trouble.
Farmhouse Wares

Check out these things, which I'm sure you'll soon see in my kitchen. LOL


alanna rose said...

I found you on the DIY show off - love your daughter's room, especially her twirling mirror :) And your post reminded me that I have a half finished growth chart languishing in my garage... I guess I need to get to that.

Dina said...

yes, blog surfing can be very, very dangerous! (but fun!)

The DIY Show Off said...

Oh I know. I LOVE Farmhouse Wares. There are a couple other just as awesome in my bookmarks. Bad. Good. Indecisive. haha