Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Miss Lily's got some new digs

This weekend we finished Lily's room overhaul. It was about time since Brendan's room has been done for, what? Like 2 months?
So anyways, here she is :)
If you have any questions about where anything is from, or how to do anything shown in the photos, just leave it in the comments section and i'll be sure to respond :)

We had planned to paint her bed a really light green, but that's not done yet.
But for the most part, it's completed.

This room involved a LOT. We hung textured wallpaper that looks like Beadboard. We created a wrap-around shelf from 1x2, 1x4 and crown moulding (and a lot of caulk, LOL). We refinished and handpainted flowers on her dresser. We created a bow holder. We painted her mirror. We created a growth chart. We will be painting her bed. We will be dying her chair slipcover. Whew. 2 weeks (with houseguests in town, and only working from 8pm-10pm on weeknights) but it's done!

here's the before

and here are our afters (sorry they are big)

Yes, in that last photo, that is in fact a dressing room in her bedroom
For anyone who remembers the pics in our rental, this mirror came with the dresser, but we didn't want to attach it to the dresser since it would be so tall and topheavy.
So instead we had it in her closet for storage, but she'd always sneak into the closet and twirl in front of the mirror, looking at her clothes. so we decided she needed a dressing room
The mirror is tethered to the wall, and to the right will eventually be a hook for her dress up clothes (seen above the mirror) and to the left of the mirror will be a hook for her jewelry

how her letters came out (they were done before, but got damaged in a move, so i stripped them, painted them, and put new paper covering on them). (Try this project at home!)

the bow holder i made for her (make one for yourself!)

her growth chart

The dresser I repainted.

and just b/c I thought it looked cute, her little clothing rack

That's her room! Thanks for checkin it out!


MaryAnne said...

Her room looks stunning - fit for a princess =)

3 Bundles for Me said...

Wow - Great Job! I love the Bow holder!

We are in the process of redoing our 2 year old's room, and I have blank wall space. I think the bow holder is exactly the fit for the space!

Thanks - great job.