Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another trouble spot

Have you ever heard of three Potato four?
If not, don't click the above link. I'm serious. Don't. If you don't want to spend your entire paycheck on freaking adorable vintage home decor... if you don't want to lose 3+ hours of your day, scouring through their online shop. If you don't want to end up renovating your entire kitchen to accomodate the the things they sell that you simply CAN NOT live without.... then don't visit their store.
Or if you're like me, and you're cool with losing hours of your day and having money flood from your bank account (whether it's there or not), then go for it ;)

We are painting our living room and kitchen this weekend... it's an awesome shade of green called Wheat Grass by Sherwin Williams. It's kind of a lime/sagey green... it's calming but also spunky and fun at the same time.

After that, our kitchen cabinets are getting a full makeover including bead board insets, 2 coats of cream ("biscuit") paint, and the addition of hardware. We'll also be finishing our island and placing that in the kitchen as well.

It'll be a while before we can rip out the linoleum and replace it with wood, or take out the laminate counter top and replace it with something prettier, but it'll atleast be a decent head start into our renovation for the time being :)

With my new look to my kitchen, I'm finding all of these things at three Potato four that I'm not entirely certain I can live without. Check them out below.

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