Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet the newest memeber of the Floozie Family

This is Mia, she is the newest member of our family!
We have wanted a 2nd, small dog (a girl) since we got Duke nearly 7 years ago, so we decided that now that we have our own house and a big yard, it’s about dang time!
Mia is a 9.5 week old Yorkiepoo (Yorkie-Poodle Mix). I would guess she weighs about 3 lbs but will probably get up to around 10-12 lbs full grown.
She is just the sweetest girl ever and the kids ADORE her. Duke and Mia have met twice so far... he does okay, although I think he's afraid of her ;)
Mind you, he's like 75 lbs, and she's 4 lbs.... but whatever LOL