Sunday, May 3, 2009

Woah bessie!

Thanks to my handy dandy new paint sprayer, I finished both chairs in less than 15 minutes! WOOHOO!
Now I can have spray-paint speed work with hand painted quality (minus the brush strokes)! Yay me!

Today I went from this:
Copy of refnishing chairs (10)
Copy of refnishing chairs (6)

to this: (and I apologize in advance for the horrible after pics. the sun had already set)
Copy of MAT_7151
Copy of MAT_7150

I can not recommend enough the paint sprayer I just got.

Check it out at Home Depot HERE except I got mine in store for a better price, just FYI.

I love love love it. Longest part is the thorough cleaning you have to give it when you switch colors or finish up for the day, but it's worth every minute of cleaning (10, tops) when you condense a normally 45-60 minute job into 10-15 minutes.

Oh, and just for fun.... a sneak for next week

MAT_7155 copy


Erika said...

WOO HOO! So jealous, I may have to go get me one!

BTW, so crazy your next project could probably match my next project! I have 2 end tables and a coffee table that look like they possibly should have been part of a set with yours! Weird!

MaryAnne said...

Your chairs look fantastic!

Nush with the Tush said...

girl i looove it!