Monday, May 4, 2009

It's progressing

Today was a busy busy day. I got in LOTS of priming before tomorrows rain.
I know it doesn't LOOK like it, but I swear it is progressing LOL

First is the chairs
From this:
ff updates

To This:
ff updates (3)

Side Table
From This:
ff updates (1)

To This:
ff updates (6)

ff updates (8)

And finally, the table.
From this:
ff updates (10)

To This:
ff updates (11)

I must say, I was a little sad to cover up that table. I love that it reminds me of like an old farm house table. And all the varying colors of wood in the top remind me of a butcher block style table. But I know I'll be happy with it's done, so I just pushed through the twinge of sadness LOL.

And just for the record, Here is a photo that shows our current dining arrangements.
No, there isn't normally boxes and a hula hoop there. That's where we have to put part of our stuff that's ready for the move.

Total Dining Room overhaul price so far:
$122 at home depot in supplies
$75 paint sprayer
$10 side table
$0 table and chairs (already had them)
$207.00 total


Erika said...

You make me want to get a sprayer! I just drug my husband over to look!! Great progress. I was sad about my table, it was my grandparents. But with mine I still see the texture and pattern.

Dang off to buy more primer and paint in the morning! Gotta get my living room tables done now. You inspire me ;)

Chrystyna said...

Lookin' good :) Now I know how you got the chairs to look so good. Maybe I need to buy a sprayer...