Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today I had to do the unthinkable... tear into the table I'd just finished. Ugh.
But it was for good reason (though that didn't ease the pain of sanding over the brand new paint job).
I was not happy with how the old holes had closed up from the hardware. I'd used a filler that I had on hand which ended up shrinking once it had been painted. So it had 6 little "dips" in the front of the drawers which were painfully visible.
Here is my before
See those nasty little holes where the hardware was? Yuck. They had to go.

So I dug the filler out, sanded them all down (important to be sure you have a smooth transition from the now-raw wood to the paint that you'll be leaving)

Cracked out or new partner in crime (Someone needs to get me a Minwax Tshirt or something. They have had half my damn income for the last month)

Filled the holes up

And now I just wait for them to dry so I can sand it down and re-paint.
Also, I bought the hardware today. But you've gotta wait to see that :)

By the way, Final inspection on the new house is tomorrow. Closing is on Friday and Keys are on Tuesday! YAY!

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Erika said...

Either way, I love it! I hate wood filler, I honestly dont believe it has ever EVER 'filled' anything properly for me!