Saturday, April 25, 2009

First New House Project

For the new house, we plan to refinish our dining room set to change it from a "blah" walnut color to a much darker "ebony". With that, I'm refinishing 2 pretty handmade frames from Mexico that my Dad gave me. Today I'm testing out the stripper and finish on one of the frames



(the black on the frame was a spraypaint that was *supposed* to be able to be used on previously painted/stained surfaces, but it didn't work for crap and just pooled on the gloss. Ugh.)

UPDATE: After 30 minutes with the first coat, this is where we are



so we scraped it all, added a 2nd coat, and started the chairs

UPDATE: 2nd coat is off, I scraped, washed and scrubbed with a toothbrush, then left outside to dry. I used some rough sandpaper folded in half to quickly clean out the deepest crevices, and now JR is headed out to get fine sand paper so i can quickly wipe it down before staining it :)



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Erika said...

Love it! We also are re-doing our dining room table from a honey color to black. I am too lazy to stain it so I am spray painting it glossy black! So far so good.