Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The finished frames

I finished the frames the other day, and just got around to hanging them and taking pics today. The photos aren't great b/c I really don't want to put holes in any more walls before we move out, so I used two existing nailholes that were already open (the photos have been packed up! YAY!) and close to one another. Asking for 2 existing nail holes within a few inches of each other AND having good natural light in that area is asking for quite a lot. LOL



finished frames 2

finished frames

We used varnish stripper on the smaller of the two, before settling on paint instead of stain. then we used a primer called Cover Stain on both (one was stripped, one was not - it still had stain and poly on it) and followed with Black Semi-Gloss paint.
They will both get a coat of clear poly prior to actual use.


Erika said...

They look great! We have the same train of thought I tell ya. I am almost finished with my dining room table and my picture wall as well! Great minds..... ;)

J said...

Awesome! Your table looks wonderful!