Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A busy girl and a pretty dress

Things have been so crazy around here that my crafting time has been painfully limited.
We are buying a house! YAY! So you'll see a lot more home-oriented sewing going on in the future. I plan on doing throw pillows, drapes, and altering the slipcovers that we have for our couches that I hate.
Oh, and placemats. I have big plans for our placemats. LOL

In the meantime, though, I ran to JA the other day to pick up some fabric. I'd purchased a portabello pixie pattern, as well as the Miss Lily pattern

The directions are pretty good. I was confused at first reading how to do the skirt, but figured it out a few minutes later. It was really simple, and I was just over thinking it. Also, the maker of these patterns is fabulous and will answer any questions you have (no matter how stupid) very quickly. Lets just say I'm a bonehead, and that'll suffice as an explanation regarding how I know these things. LOL

So at JA, I bought some fabric for the PBP pattern (which i ended up just using for another Miss Madeline by the same maker of the Miss Lily) as well as fabric to make 2 Miss Lily dresses. One is done so far and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's easily my favorite dress I've ever made. Lily loves it as well. You can tell by the way she twirls around and giggles as the skirt fans out. :)

So without further ado, here is Lily's new favorite dress ;)


Lyndsey said...

Oh, that is absolutely precious!

Virginia Janet said...

Oh!! It's pretty dress for cute baby... I love her pretty shoes too...