Wednesday, April 29, 2009

brown + flowers = win/win

A while back, my mom & grandmother gave me some shirts to do with as i pleased. I've reconed them into lots of different outfits for Miss Lily, and today was no exception.

You see, I've been extremely busy lately with editing photoshoots/weddings, and trying to pack up the house for our move (only 2 more weeks!) I haven't even been able to touch my sewing machine in a good 2ish weeks, and even then, I was just sewing some little snap close bags to hold the items I made for a fair trade swap I participated in (check back soon to see what I get in return!).

In any event, today I was sufficiently caught up on editing, so I sat down to chop up this shirt, and make Lily a dress from it.

ff_after (1)

The style of it sort of evolved as I went.

ff_after (2)

In the end, it was a big of a bubble dress with 3/4 length sleeves.

ff_after (3)

I knew for sure I wanted to keep intact a few details of the shirt. I wanted to save the gathered neckline

ff_after (4)

ff_after (7)

and the outside of the sleeves, which was also gathered and gave it a bit of a puff :)

ff_after (8)

Aside from that, though, I just knew I wanted it to be a play dress.

While the fabric is cute, it is a little bland. So once I put it on her, it seemed a bit boring.

ff_after (6)

So I took the remaining hemline from the original shirt and added a fitted band to the bottom which slides up under the skirt to bubble it out.
Here you can see that panel
ff_after (9)

So about an hour to an hour and a half later, we have a new play dress for Miss Lily :)

ff_after (5)


Dina said...

very cute!

MaryAnne said...

I love repurposing clothes like this. I actually wrote a post today about turning an old t-shirt into shorts for my son...

StacieG said...

That is so freaking cute Jackie!!!

~Amy said...

So cute! I want to eat Lily up though! She so yummy! lol

Yo Mama said...

amazing! I love it! The fact that she is so stinkin cute doesnt hurt either!

Kara said...

So adorable! We have eerily similar interests. :) I've been doing this for my two year old like crazy lately.

Jesse said...

So cute! As I look over your blog (I'm a newbie) you are quite talented! Glad I found you!