Monday, February 2, 2009

Operation: Coupon Binder

A year or so ago, we put together a cheap coupon binder for our grocery trips. It worked fine, but it was not very well organized. Originally, I intended to go out, get a bigger binder, buy some 3m labels for the pages, get more insert pages, etc.
Then I got thinking about how pricey that all was. I mean, heck, GM labels themselves are pricey on their own.
So I made my own.

Here is my binder before
coupon binder (2)

coupon binder (1)

So I hit the PC, printed out all the words that I wanted to use as categories, and grabbed a roll of clear packing tape
coupon binder (3)

And I made my own tabs using the packing tape with the label inside of a fold of tape.
coupon binder (8)

So that was my project for the other day.

Today, though, I DO have to go buy some more insert pages, b/c my book is packed to the gills with coupons, and I have another whole Sunday worth of coupons to clip today.

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