Thursday, January 29, 2009

The day of the unfinished project

Since yesterday was essentially a "snow day", and my husband was home to help with the kids, I spent yesterday and early this AM pretty much just finishing up old projects that had been sitting around "waiting" for something.

First up is a dress for Lily. It's from the Miss Madeline pattern at the handmade dress. I've made one of these dresses previously and loved it so much that I immediately started this one with fabric I had on hand, but I ran out of 1/2" elastic. Once I had enough elastic, I realized I ran out of brown fabric. So I waited and waited until I'd run out of, and purchase more elastic multiple times. Finally yesterday I decided I had to find a way to do it without finding more brown fabric for the waistband. Otherwise she'd have outgrown it before she ever even got to wear it.
So I zigzag stitched the elastic waistband into the inside of the dress. Not the prettiest or best way to finish it, but atleast it's wearable, and before she's past the 1T size.


Next up is a pair of sweater pants for miss Lily. I'll be posting a tut for these later today. I had this sweater that I'd chopped up a while back to make a soaker out of. But I saved the sleeves for something else. I dug them out yesterday and made her a pair of ruffly sweater pants. I don't love the ruffle b/c I just zigzagged it and pulled it tight to give it the ruffle, but it's functional and they are so stinkin cute on her.


And finally, is another pair of Lightning McQueen pants for Brendan. I'd made him one pair previously and they are now his favorite. I realized I had enough fabric to make a 2nd pair so I put these together the day after making the first pair. But (once again) I was out of 1/2" elastic. So I waited. I finally had some, so I added the elastic and hemmed the bottoms this morning.

And I've finally figured out a way to tag the clothes (for free/cheap) so that my husband will stop dressing the kids backwards

So that is what my last two days has consisted of. Hope the kids like them!

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egassner said...

Oh I love those little sweater pants! I have a too short sweater haning in my closet waiting for this! Do you have a tute for it somewhere?