Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More teeny Pjs

This time in the form of a nighty.

I got this stretchy fabric on sale at walmart for $1/yard. I bought 2 yards b/c I thought it was cute and knew I'd eventually come up with something to do with it.

I finally did a month or so ago!

I used the Miss Madeline Pattern and modified the hell out of it.

For starters, I pieced it together exactly as it says to, but didn't cut a piece for the waist band.

When I put the elastic in the neckline, I set it in about 1/4"-1/2" from the edge, to give it a small ruffle.
Then I zigzag stitched the arm openings and the bottom. B/c it was a stretchy fabric, It ruffled out. (it's hard to see in this pic b/c she just woke up, so it's all wonky from her sleeping in it)

Anyways, that's my Modified Madeline Nighty

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