Monday, January 19, 2009

First part of my recon

So I got this t-shirt from my mom. I think my grandmother gave it to her or something? Anyways, it didn't fit her. And it's not a style I'd use. So I snagged it to make Lily some PJs :)

The first part of the project was to make a pair of Pajama Pants.
Using a pair of jeans as a template (since Lily was asleep at the time, so I couldn't measure her) I got an idea of how long they needed to be. Only problem is that I had to add a little fabric to the very top (near the waist band) or they wouldn't have been wide enough to add elastic in and have them still fit over her cloth diapers.
So there is a small V of excess (same print) fabric on the front and back at the very top

Next I have to make the shirt... but that might have to wait til naptime.