Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Dining Room + Antique Store Finds

So as you know I've been working on our Dining Room on the cheap. I'm finally making some headway on it, in between finishing Brendan's bedroom.
The color scheme for the Dining Room is black, white, and citrus green.

This wall may just be my favorite thing about the room. Check it out:

Black Shelf on bottom: $15 bought NIP from a friend.
Black Shelf on top: Came in house - FREE!
Green Mirror: $1 unfinished from Michaels. Used Safari Green Paint by Glidden (sampler $2.98)
2 Glass/Green Candles: $1 bin at Michaels.
White Vase: $4.99 at Michaels. Clearanced.
Flowers: 3 at Michaels
2 White Frames on bottom shelf: $1 each unfinished from Michaels. Used some White paint I had lying around.
Pictures in bottom frames: Printed on home PC. FREE
White frame on top shelf: $1 unfinished from Michaels.
Paper in Frame: Scrap of Scrapping paper used for Dining Room Coasters.
White Metal Basket: $2 CCA Thrift Store, painted White.
Yarn: From my stash - a perfect color match!

That's a pretty cheap display right there! It's obviously not done (still a bit empty) but I love it anyways :)

You might remember that when I redid the table/chairs/side table, I also painted 2 large wood frames black. They were given to me by my dad and had no hardware or glass, which meant that until I could get some glass cut, I'd need a sturdy/firm mat to hold it all together.
Not only could I not find ANY mat for the 14x18 frame (what an odd size!), I also couldn't find any PRETTY matting for either of them, or artwork I'd want hanging in my dining room.
So, we did it a creative way. I spent $7.99 on a set of green pillow cases and sent JR outside with his jig saw and some luan. He cut me mats to the sizes I requests and using a staple gun, I covered them with the fabric from the pillowcases.
Then I printed photos I liked from flickr (check out their creative commons pics if you need something quick!) and printed them on my home pc.


And don't you love those candle holders? Yeah, they were a gift. I hit up Golightly's in NRH the other day with my mom, and she got me those candle holders, AND this beautiful white antique wash basin. Love it.


Mrs. Bianca said...

Oh Jackie, I love the way the end table looks with the candlesticks and that frame. The slightly off-centered matte on the picture is stunning!

Brandie said...

Girl, that all looks amazing!

Upon-Request.com said...

Love the decorating ideas - you're an inspiration to all that it can look fresh and well put together on a budget :)

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