Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brendan's New Room!

Check it out! B got his room set up! Lily's is next, but for the time being, we are enjoying our space adventure of a bedroom :)

I'll start with photos, and below I'll note where we got each item, and about how much it cost us. Hopefully that'll help if you want to do anything similar!












We have more vinyl on order for going over his dresser. Just waiting to get it now :)
And yes, there are three areas of paint that need touched up ;)
Oh, and the dresser will eventually be refinished to black.

Starting with the Chalkboard Wall:
Black paint on top half: Onyx Black by Glidden ($20 per gallon)
Bottom half: Chalkboard Paint by Rustoleum ($12.98 per quart, we used 2)
Rocketship: Hand painted using a Glidden red paint sampler ($2.98)
Numbers/Blast Off!: Vinyl by Samantha ($17.00)
Red Moulding: 1x2" (I believe) moulding from Home Depot ($2.99 per board, we used 1.5) painted with red Behr Paint Sample

Other walls:
Grey Paint: Classic Silver by Behr Ultra Premium (it really is worth every penny, that paint+primer in one stuff!) ($38.00 per gallon, we used one)

Bed: Ikea. Approx $450 including bedding and mattress
Bedding: Ikea. Reversible comforter, and separate sheet/pillow case.
Grey Blanket: Disney Store - CARS themed. ($19.99)
Space Pillow: Made by me. Pillow premade ($6.99) from Joanns, Fabric from Joanns ($7.99 per yard, I used a half yard)
Dresser: From Craigslist ($10.00) and refinished by my husband and I
Ottomans: Originally from Target ($19.99 each) in light blue, for my business. Recovered with fabric from Joanns ($2.99 per yard, 1.75 yards of each).
Bookshelf: Ikea ($6.99)
Red Toy Nest: Ikea ($unknown)

All in all this transformation cost is $132.98. We are not counting the things we already had (bed, dresser, etc) or things we repurposed from other areas of the house. This is simply the cost from start to finish of redoing THIS room.

So there's the rundown of his bedroom :)
Hope you enjoyed!!


MaryAnne said...

This room looks great! I had no idea you could get paint and primer in one, that would be well worth the $$. I'm wanting to do something to make my kids' rooms more inviting, so I really appreciate this post, especially the financial breakdown.

Sarah said...

Totally cool. I love the chalk wall and the color scheme. What a lucky kiddo!

Mrs. Bianca said...

Great job! Love the wall, it is going to be so much fun and I'm loving the color scheme too! You are probably tired of hearing this, but you are so darn creative! Love it!