Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 new projects!

So it's that time! Time for 2 LARGER Projects. That's right, I'm talking about things bigger and more involved than scrappy coasters ;)
We are making shelving for next to our fireplace, and a kitchen island. WHEW!
I'm tired already.
First is the shelving..

We bought the wood last night to build our first ladder shelving for the living room. Really excited to see how it turns out tonight.

And this weekend we spotted a "FREE OR SALVATION ARMY!" sign on our street and snagged what WAS the bottom of a hutch, which we will be re purposing into a kitchen island. Frustrating part is, we had the idea, I explained it all to JR so that he wouldn't think I was nuts, then he thought I was brilliant... then last night, I picked up a new DIY type magazine, and saw they had the exact same idea in the mag *banghead* so much for being original. LOL
Our soon-to-be island

I'll be sure to post pics of the shelving as it gets done!

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