Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coasters and Shelving - the dining room is taking shape!

Well, I'm finally getting moving on the dining room again. My progress was halted by 2 head colds, 1 stomach virus, 1 birthday party, and 5 house guests. LOL

First off, here is the before (you can also see the finished dining table!). Oh, and by the way, that light fixture was an ugly brass color, and has been refinished silver to go better with our primarily-black dining room. (But I promise, more color will be added soon ;))

However on that back wall, where my new side table (also refinished) is looking particularly dwarfed... now that's been moved and these shelves have been put up in its place

Like my new vase? Thanks, me too. $4 at Michaels today!

The side table has been moved to the wall on the right by the door to the kitchen, and one of the refinished photo frames hangs over it (temporarily empty)

So that's my dining room progress for the day (there is a little more, but no pics just yet of it)

Then in our living room, we have our new couches and coffee/end tables. Since they are new, and we are anal for the time being, we needed coasters. I couldn't find any i loved anywhere, and the only ones that came close rang in at $30 from Pier 1. Uhhh, pass, thanks.
So I decided that since eclectic always wins in my book, I'd make them myself.




Just laminate, scrapbook paper, double sided adhesive, and foam. Easy peasy and oh-so-cheap (just the way I like it) ;)

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