Sunday, October 19, 2008

Frilly Pants

Okay, so they aren't frilly yet, but they will be once I finish adding on the ruffle to the bottoms.
These were way simple, made using New Look Pattern 6792 Size A NB-L.
I used the small size, since lily is so scrawny, but added some length (between the Small and Medium lengths).
It was way easy and was maybe 15 min of sewing total.

Just take your cut pieces

Stitch together your front center seam and back center seam, then stitch up the inside of the legs, then down the outsides

Add your elastic

and hem the bottoms

And you're done :)
Well, I'm not. I'm still adding a ruffle to the bottom, but I've yet to decide on how I'm goin to coordinate a top, so I'm not adding the ruffle just yet :)


Lyndsey said...

They look awesome!

I think a two-tier ruffle would be pretty with the larger ruffle being the red color and the smaller ruffle being the mustard-y gold color.

Nicole said...

Obviously jumping in a little late.. So does the new look pants pattern have a generous cut for cloth dipes? That'd be great!